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Title:Reveal Myself | Inner thoughts revealed
Reveal Myself | Inner thoughts revealed
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Reveal Myself
Inner thoughts revealed
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Turbo C graphics on Win7 [Updated]
Geeky Way to listen to Revolution Radio (
Computer Graphics Slides (EG678EX)
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Reveal Myself
I would say I am a fixer. I can #8217;t stay without fixing any broken things. Ever since I taught myself to use the tools, I started fixing things. A broken radio? I would be ready with screwdrivers, pliers and every tool I could possibly use. There were times even when I opened up perfectly working things, although not with the intention of breaking it, but that #8217;s what happens by the end. There came some dead cases, absolutely no chance of revival. But this heart doesn #8217;t give up. It keeps fighting, trying to fix the unfixable. And in the process, it just tears you apart.聽
Posted on September 17, 2016September 18, 2016 by sujin
One thing the God or whoever is the creator of the world missed was to give humans the ability to see from other鈥檚 perspective. I don #8217;t know if it #8217;s just me or everyone fails on that. I know very well that I should see or think from other鈥檚 perspective. I was always taught that you walk a mile on the other person #8217;s shoes before judging them. But I think I just learned it partially. I learned very well to blame others for not walking on my shoes and seldom bothered to walk on other鈥檚 shoes. It #8217;s not that I never did but sometimes it slips off my mind. If only people never failed to understand that and could always see from other #8217;s perspective, there wouldn #8217;t have been any quarrels. no fights. no wars. Imagine how peaceful the earth would have been. Because I don #8217;t think any person is bad in itself. If you could just see from the other person #8217;s perspective you would always find the goodness in him/her.
But maybe the God wanted it to be this way. To show the calm after the wind, peace after the war, love after the quarrel. You only value things after you lose it. And maybe the realization is just enough. You realize that you didn #8217;t see the other person #8217;s perspective and realize how you were not totally right about your views. That #8217;s the moment when you feel calm. You feel the importance of the calmness. And you learn to value it more and more.
The entire universe is just a wave with crests and troughs. You can #8217;t just have the crests and neither would there be just troughs. You need go get to the bottom of the wave to rise again with your full potential. And there comes another idiom 啶膏啶栢ぎ啶 啶ㄠぎ啶距い啷嵿い啶苦え啷, 啶︵啶冟啶ぞ 啶ㄠ啶む啶むた啶ㄠ啷 You gotta learn to surf on those waves.
Posted on August 17, 2016August 17, 2016 by sujin
Turbo C graphics on Win7 [Updated]
Sorry, there seemed to be a problem in the tutorial described before.
There was a problem loading the includes file in turbo c which was due to directory mismatch in the turbo c installation.keeping the tc folder in a folder with name dosbox and mounting the folder dosbox as c: would fix the issue.The tutorial has been updated to fix the issue.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Today I noticed that Win7 doesn #8217;t support Turbo C graphics.
Win7 doesn #8217;t support the fullscreen mode for DOS applications.
That was fine, just ignoring the error would start turbo c in window mode. But today when I tried running the program with graphics, the program compiled without any errors but on running the program displayed the same error and ignoring it didn #8217;t do any good. Instead I get another error
So I tried changing some options on turbo c but all in vain.couldn #8217;t make it work. And then I realized, DOSBox must be available for windows as well.(DOSBox is an DOS emulator. I had been using DOSBox to test my programs on turbo C on linux)
So the solution to this problem would be to install DOSBox on your win7. With DOSBox you can run turbo C on fullscreen mode as well. So download the latest DOSBox and start using Turbo C on fullscreen.
Setting Options on DOSBox:
In order to change the options of DOSBox, goto the DOSBox options menu in start menu.It will open the dosbox .conf file on notepad. The conf file is well documented. And there #8217;s no need for much change.change the fullscreen valu from #8216;false #8217; to #8216;true #8217; if you want to run dosbox on fullscreen mode
You need to first mount the folder containing turbo c to be able to run it.
So on starting DOSBox type #8220;mount c c:dosbox #8221; assuming your turbo c installation files are at #8220;c:dosboxtc #8221;. Then change the current working drive from #8220;z: gt; #8221; to #8220;c: gt; #8221; by typing the command #8220;c: #8221; and next type #8220;cd tcbin #8221; and then #8220;tc #8221; to run the Turbo C. VOILA!! that #8217;s it!!! your very own TC in fullscreen mode in Window 7
typing all these commands could be tedious and hard to remember to some of we can autoexecute these commands.At the end of the conf file(i guess u know how to do it.but in case you forgot, open it from the DOSBox options menu from start menu). and at the end of the file under [autoexec] heading paste the following lines
mount c c:dosbox
cd tcbin
this would directly open Turbo C
If you have any problems please feel free to ask me. always happy to help
P.S. if you use #8216;gcc #8217; and want to be able to use graphics.h, you will need the library #8216;libgraph #8217; installed.
This post describes very well how to do it.
Posted on May 8, 2012August 21, 2015 by sujin
Geeky Way to listen to Revolution Radio (
If you are on linux and don #8217;t want to trouble your browser to listen to the radio, then here #8217;s how you can achieve it.
Install mplayer on your machine, fire a terminal window and enter the command
Alternatively, if it doesn #8217;t work, enter聽the ip address for
The aforementioned example is for the live radio. You just need to change the port to tune into other channels under rvlradio. Below is the list of URIs for different channels.
Live #8211; gt;
Rock聽 #8211; gt;
Pop聽 #8211; gt;
Nepali1聽 #8211; gt;
Nepali2聽 #8211; gt;
Metal聽 #8211; gt;
Blues聽 #8211; gt;
Dance聽 #8211; gt;
Here #8217;s a screenshot of the RVL Pop channel [Without You #8211; David Guetta feat. Usher] being played on my machine.
CHEERS to Revoultion Radio聽!!!!!!
Posted on April 5, 2012March 24, 2015 by sujin
Computer Graphics Slides (EG678EX)
If the widget above is not working, please click on this link
Slides prepared by Dipesh Gautam
Thanks to my dear friend Sachit for providing the slides.
Posted on December 29, 2010March 24, 2015 by sujin
Digital Electronics Slides (EG677EX)
If the widget above is not working, please click on this link
Slides provided by Dr. Surendra Shrestha, DOECE, IOE
Posted on September 27, 2010March 24, 2015 by sujin
Chinglish 啶氞た啶權啶椸啶侧た啶膏
Chinglish is a portmanteau of the words Chinese amp; English and refers to either spoken or written English which is influenced by Chinese. Chinglish, which is sometimes called #8220;Chinese English #8221; or #8220;China English #8221;, is the combination of Chinese grammar amp; English vocabulary.
The origin of Chinglish can be dated back to the mid 17th century when British traders arrived in Southern China. The British and Chinese traders, due to the communication gap, used Chinese pidgin English for their business. Although, later standard English was begun to be taught in China #8217;s education system, Chinese pidgin English couldn #8217;t be eradicated and evolved to take the form of what is now popularly known as Chinglish.
So, what #8217;s the reason behind the existence of Chinglish? The main reason is found to be complexity. Chinese is a very complex language. In fact, it is considered the most complex language of all. So exact amp; accurate translation of Chinese is a really difficult task. Here #8217;s an example for how difficult Chinese translation can get.
#8220;Yun Zhi Jue Zhong #8221;
The correct translation of this Chinese sentence is
#8220;The way of heaven is profound amp; mysterious amp; the way of mankind is difficult. Only if we make a precise amp; unified plan amp; follow the doctrine of the mean, can we rule the country well. #8221;
Let #8217;s analyze the figures here. The Chinese sentence has 4 words and the English translation has 37 words. It #8217;s nearly in the ratio of 1:9.If we count the syllables, the Chinese sentence is 4 syllabled while the English translation is composed of 52 syllables. Thats 1:13.
Shocking! right?This shows the complexity of Chinese language and how can we expect ordinary people to make these sorts of translation. This leads to mistakes in translation giving rise to Chinglish.
Confusion is created in translation due to different connotations for same denotation. Verbs like see, watch, read and look have the same word #8216;kan #8217; in Chinese. So #8220;I #8217;m watching a movie #8221; is incorrectly translated as #8220;I #8217;m looking a movie #8221;. Similarly, #8220;Turn on the door #8221; for #8220;Open the door #8221; and #8220;Can you say Spanish #8221; for #8220;Can you speak Spanish #8221;.
Another reason behind the existence of Chinglish is quite interesting. The reason is #8216;humor #8217;.The young generation, though realizing the mistakes, find Chinglish interesting and humorous. So they continue using it. They select vocabularies to rhyme their phrase rather than the proper usage.
The linguists say the birth of Chinglish is due to #8220;psychological structure latent in the brain #8221; which Is activated when one attempts to learn a second language. There are several other examples of inter-language like Franglais for French English, Hinglish for Hindi English, Spanglish for Spanish English and many more.
#8220;Chinglish: an illustrated lecture #8221;
by Dr. William Griffin, Associate Professor of Anthropology, St. Charles Community College
Some examples of Chinglish Signs
Posted on June 17, 2010July 26, 2015 by sujin
Control System Slides
If the widget above is not working, please click on this link
Slides provided by Er. Nijan Yogal Shrestha
Posted on May 25, 2010March 24, 2015 by sujin
Microelectronic Circuits Sedra Smith 5th Edition with solutions
Microelectronic Circuits Sedra Smith 5th Edition in djvu format
Find a djvu viewer(if you already don #8217;t have one) at
Microelectronic Circuits Sedra Smith 5th Edition Solution in pdf format
I guess you already have a pdf reader.If not I suggest you use Foxit Reader
Posted on March 5, 2010 by sujin
TwiSkip HomePage
I always loved the #8220;Skip Inbox #8221; function in GMail and so much wanted it in twitter as well.
Here #8217;s the same function for the twitter and I love calling it #8220;Twiskip #8221;
Ever wanted to get the tweets from a tweeterholic but didn #8217;t want your homepage overcrowded with their tweets?
Here #8217;s a simple solution.
Just go to their profile page and add them to one of your lists[Note:don #8217;t follow]
If you are already following the person.Just unfollow them and add them to the list.
Simple as it is!!!
Posted on February 13, 2010 by sujin
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